Wills & Probate Solicitors

Wills & Probate Solicitors

The advantages of using Scott Duff & Co to assist you in the administration of the estate after a loved one dies
  • Gives reassurance at a time of personal stress
  • Ensures those in the position of Executors or Administrators are adequately protected against claims and are fully compliant with data protection rules
  • Gives confidence that all matters in the estate are dealt with
  • Enables advice to be given on the Will or intestacy
  • Enables a variation of the Will or intestacy to be considered if appropriate
  • Enables advice to be given on claiming reliefs against any Inheritance Tax
  • Enables advice to be given in order to minimize potential tax liabilities arising out of the administration and distribution of the estate
  • Funds held in the solicitor’s client account are fully protected
  • Ensures that information which my be required in the future is stored and is accessible

The cost of Scott Duff & Co ensuring that an estate is administered correctly may be less than you expect and we can handle the full process for you.

For full details of our costs, the work included and the likely timescales click here

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SFE is an association of lawyers who specialise in legal services for older people and their carers. Members of SFE have a wealth of experience within this key legal area and they are required to have spent a substantial amount of time working for elderly clients. The aim of this national association is to improve the knowledge and service provided on legal issues including tax planning, Wills, lasting powers of attorney, long-term social and health care and other retirement issues.

Both Cheryl Christian and Claire Maxwell are fully accredited members of the association and have been working with elderly people and specialising in later life legal services for several years. At Scott Duff & Co. Solicitors in Carlisle, Penrith & Keswick, we pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to each client, taking the time to understand their individual situation and helping guide them through legal issues.

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The Wills & Probate Legal Team

Susan Wilkinson
David Clarke
017687 81992

Claire Maxwell
01768 869507

Cheryl Christian
01768 865551

David Clarke
017687 81992

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